Jared Sanson




A collection of my personal and work projects


Fire Hotspot Detection using an RPAS

Feb 12, 2014
As part of a Summer Scholarship at the University of Canterbury, I developed a system for detecting fire hotspots using thermal imaging cameras and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).



Nov 04, 2019
Datasheets2 is a simple datasheet/document/PDF organizer that allows you to quickly search your collection and open specific files

Tiberian Tanks 3D

Jun 10, 2019
A long time ago (2008) I wrote (a very incomplete) 3D game called 'Tiberian Tanks', written in Delphi/ObjectPascal and OpenGL. I never finished it, but thought it might be worth writing about as an interesting project from my past.

Grafana & Outback Solar

Jan 22, 2017
A while back I reverse-engineered the Outback MATE protocol and made a Python library for emulating a MATE, and set it up collecting data from the family Holiday House. Then I found an open-source library called Grafana, and was finally able to put the data to use!


Jul 15, 2014
This project uses the Kinect face-tracking SDK to replace a user's face with another, warping it to match the user. It was developed for my computer vision research project at the University of Canterbury.



Jan 25, 2021
Template page


Nov 28, 2015
pyMATE is a python library that can be used to emulate an Outback MATE unit, and talk to any supported Outback device such as an MX charge controller, an FX inverter, a FlexNET DC monitor, or a hub with multiple devices attached to it.


Apr 09, 2015
I've always been interested in the idea of re-using old laptop LCDs, but it always seemed out of my reach until recently I had a huge urge to wire up a special sunlight-readable Portege R500 "transflective" LCD, and I discovered it isn't that hard to do!


Jul 22, 2014
Over the last year or so I have been working on this project; a custom-built smartwatch! It is still very much a work in progress, and I have plans to build a new hardware platform in the future... Everything was built from the ground-up: the schematics, PCB, firmware, and PC software.

3D Printer

Feb 20, 2013
An overview of a collaborative 3D-printing project between me and a friend

LED Coffee Table

Jan 31, 2013
A coffee table made from an earthquake-damaged LED backlit TV


Viscons Icon Set

Sep 23, 2014
Viscons is a hand-crafted icon set for common filetypes used in development (eg. C header files and binary objects), using the sky-blue theme of my website. I originally created this set because I got annoyed at all the different icons associated with my dev files.

Y13 House Design

Jan 22, 2013
For Year 13 Graphics & Design, we were tasked to find a real client and design a project for them. My clients were my parents, who wanted to build a house on an empty section they have.