Streaming RTMP with OpenWRT

How to stream RTMP cameras with OpenWRT and Docker

Lupa Espresso

Digital upgrade of an E61 style espresso machine, with custom round LCD ‘analog’ displays and a Home-Assistant enabled ESP32 motherboard.


A low-cost DisplayPort switch for sharing a single monitor/keyboard/mouse between two PCs, using simple logic and a high-speed DP mux chip.


Datasheets2 is a simple datasheet/document/PDF organizer that allows you to quickly search your collection and open specific files

Grafana & Outback Solar

A while back I reverse-engineered the Outback MATE protocol and made a Python library for emulating a MATE, and set it up collecting data from the family Holiday House. Then I found an open-source library called Grafana, and was finally able to put the data to use!


pyMATE is a python library that can be used to emulate an Outback MATE unit, and talk to any supported Outback device such as an MX charge controller, an FX inverter, a FlexNET DC monitor, or a hub with multiple devices attached to it.

Driving FPDLink Displays

An intro to the FPD-Link display interface, commonly used in laptop and monitor LCD panels!


I’ve always been interested in the idea of re-using old laptop LCDs, but it always seemed out of my reach until recently I had a huge urge to wire up a special sunlight-readable Portege R500 “transflective” LCD, and I discovered it isn’t that hard to do!

Viscons Icon Set

Viscons is a hand-crafted icon set for common filetypes used in development (eg. C header files, binary objects, schematics, 3D models), using a nice eye-soothing sky-blue theme


Over the last year or so I have been working on this project; a custom-built smartwatch! It is still very much a work in progress, and I have plans to build a new hardware platform in the future… Everything was built from the ground-up: the schematics, PCB, firmware, and PC software.

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