Grafana & Outback Solar

A while back I reverse-engineered the Outback MATE protocol and made a Python library for emulating a MATE, and set it up collecting data from the family Holiday House. Then I found an open-source library called Grafana, and was finally able to put the data to use!


I’ve always been interested in the idea of re-using old laptop LCDs, but it always seemed out of my reach until recently I had a huge urge to wire up a special sunlight-readable Portege R500 “transflective” LCD, and I discovered it isn’t that hard to do!

OLED Watch Is Alive!

An update to my OLED watch project

PicKit2 Revisited

How to add the latest PIC24 chips to the PicKit2, plus an advanced GUI for editing the device file

Repaper e-Ink Display

Experiments with Repaper’s e-Ink display, and driver code for the PIC32