Viscons is a hand-crafted icon set for common filetypes used in development (eg. C header files, binary objects, schematics, 3D models), using a nice eye-soothing sky-blue theme:

Black icons represent compiler outputs/object files, while white icons represent human-editable source files.

I’ve also developed a dynamic shell handler that shows the contents of ASCII text/source code files, and separate icons for .NET managed/unmanaged DLLs:

I have not provided an installer for the icons, you will need to do that yourself!


files/ (v1.1, 2.53MiB)

The icons are licensed under Creative-Commons BY-SA 4.0

ie. you may use the icons commercially and modify the icons, as long as you provide attribution back to me

The source to the dynamic shell handler can be found on my github page:


Last updated: 29/10/2014

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