Datasheets2 is a simple datasheet/document/PDF organizer that allows you to quickly search your collection and open specific files.

This is a port of my original Datasheets Indexer utility, which was written in Delphi/Pascal. I no longer write Pascal, and much prefer C# + WPF for my utility apps!

The entire utility app is packaged into a single exe, with an optional configuration file, enabling a single-file portable deployment!

There is no telemetry, and no internet traffic except for when an online search is invoked. By default Datasheets2 does not perform online searches to protect your privacy.


  • Place the executable in a directory containing documents.

  • Drag’n’drop files and URLs onto the window to add datasheets to your library (Tip: Hold SHIFT to move instead of copy)

  • Type your keyword and press ENTER to open the first matching document.

  • If no document is found in your library, and you have configured online search, the keyword will initiate a search for the datasheet using the configured search providers


You can configure the app by editing Datasheets2.exe.config, which should be placed next to the exe. If you rename the exe, you must also rename this file.

Datasheets2 can search Octopart and other sources for datasheets, but to do this you will need to register for an Octopart API key, and enable it in your local configuration. See the Github project for more information…


The source code is licensed under GPL3.0, but you may use the app itself for any purpose.


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