I wrote a simple program a few years back, it’s just a simple list of datasheet files (for example .pdf), with real-time filtering. While it seems like it may not do much, it makes it extremely quick to pull up an IC datasheet when I need it, instead of having to browse/search my filesystem or the web.

As an extra feature, it can also automatically download missing datasheets!

It is also completely non-invasive and runs stand-alone, so you can run it on a flash drive, or even have multiple datasheet libraries. Config files are stored in the same folder as the .exe


  • Options can be accessed through right clicking the list
  • You can drag’n’drop new datasheets directly onto the window
  • You can add multiple aliases for a single datasheet by separating with a ‘/’
  • You can modify the auto-download behaviour by modifying the import.pas script, if you know a bit of pascal.


datasheets.zip (600KiB)

source.zip (300KiB)

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