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Jan 13th 2013

Sound Reactive LED Lights

A simple tutorial showing how to use Arduino and Python to make some sound-reactive LED lights!

Jan 22nd 2013

Y13 House Design

For Year 13 Graphics & Design, we were tasked to find a real client and design a project for them. My clients were my parents, who wanted to build a house on an empty section they have.

Jan 23rd 2013

Playing with RF

My first blog post here, showing some spectrograms of an RFM23 transmitter module. This post was mainly for testing the capabilities of my website.

Jan 23rd 2013

Adding extra chips to the PicKit 2

In this, I show how you can add extra parts to the PicKit2 programmer, so you can program Microchip's newer PIC24 devices.

Jan 31st 2013

LED Coffee Table

A coffee table made from an earthquake-damaged LED backlit TV

Feb 3rd 2013

Linear LED PWM

In this tutorial, I will show you how to properly control an LEDs brightness using PWM. It isn't as simple as you think!

Feb 20th 2013

3D Printer

An overview of a collaborative 3D-printing project between me and a friend

Mar 13th 2013

Datasheet Indexer

A simple program for quickly accessing datasheets

May 1st 2013

OLED Watch

As a side project, I decided it'd be neat to have a programmable wrist watch. I had an OLED lying around with the right dimensions, but I needed a breakout board to be able to use it. So instead of simply making a breakout board, I decided I'd turn it into a smart-watch platform!

Jul 5th 2013

Repaper e-Ink Display

Experiments with Repaper's e-Ink display, and driver code for the PIC32

Aug 13th 2013

PicKit2 Revisited

How to add the latest PIC24 chips to the PicKit2, plus an advanced GUI for editing the device file

Oct 2nd 2013

OLED Watch Rev 2

After making a mistake in my last design, I took the opportunity to re-design the PCB and add some extra features. This will be a work in progress so look in here for related blog posts!