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Jared Sanson
Bellevue, WA USA

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Microsoft Software Engineer

Hi! I am Jared, an embedded systems enthusiast interested in all things electronic and computer!

I've been into electronics and computers from a very young age, and I spend a lot of my time just tinkering with various projects and learning as much as I can. I especially like experimenting with microcontrollers, digital circuits, server programming, and even things like web design, computer graphics, and machine learning.

Currently my favourite languages are Python, C#, Embedded C, and C++11, though I also like to play around with HTML5/Javascript and other languages when I have time. My favourite microcontrollers are the PIC24, PIC32, and also various ARM chips.

You'll notice if you're not using an ad-blocker that there aren't any ads on my website. I make all of my content available completely for free because I believe knowledge should be shared freely!
All I ask in return is that you leave a comment if something here interests you or is useful, and that you provide attribution back to me if you use any of my content in your own projects/work.